Celebrate the art of performance by staging a Flashmob performance this Voluntary Arts Week!

Flashmobs can take place anytime and anywhere – from shopping centres to train stations. The aim is to surprise and thrill the unsuspecting audience with your performance before dispersing back in to the crowd.

Big Big SingCobweb Orchestra

Untitled-1Staging a group Flashmob is a great way to showcase your creativity, reach out to new people and most importantly, have fun! So whether your into singing, dancing, music, amateur dramatics, circus skills or spoken word, step out of your usual rehearsal space and surprise your local community with a pop-up performance during Voluntary Arts Week.

Download the Flashmob Toolkit
for inspiration and practical guidance on how to organise your own Flashmob.

Experience a Flashmob for yourself! We’ll be adding details of all Flashmob events registered on the Voluntary Arts Week website here, so check back:



For a full list of events taking place during Voluntary Arts Week see the Events page.