Get creative with nature and help spin a yarn about your woodland this Voluntary Arts Week!

The Woollen Woods is a fun way to bring craft and nature together, engaging communities with their local area, both as participants and visitors.

Arlington courtIn May 2015 seven flagship Woollen Woods popped up in woodland venues across the UK and Ireland – over 6,000 woolly creations were sent in from across the world to be exhibited, partnerships were formed between venues, community groups and craft groups and thousands of people visited to see the work on display.

It was great to see wool-craft skills being shared, groups working together and people showcasing their creativity, which is what Voluntary Arts Week is all about!

For Voluntary Arts Week 2016, we created a Woollen Woods Toolkit t0 shares tips, guidance and useful links on how to plan a Woollen Woods. It’s it’s great to see both groups and woodland venues using the Woollen Woods theme to inspire partnerships and engage people with woolcraft and woodlands in venues across the country.

The following Woollen Woods have registered as part of Voluntary Arts Week 2016 and are now looking for you to help them grow! Download the Woollen Woods Pattern Guide for lots of ‘step-by-step’ makes to inspire you to get knitty with nature and send in your woolly creations to be part of one (or more) Woollen Woods this Voluntary Arts Week:

Please note: the majority of Woollen Woods projects will open to the public in May 2016 but as each of the projects listed above are being organised independently – contact details, themes and opening times, vary for each so please check individual links for more information. 

Untitled-1Inspired to organise your own Woollen Woods? We’ve compiled a Woollen Woods Toolkit to share our learning from Woollen Woods 2015 and offer guidance on how to set up, publicise and grow your very own Woollen Woods as part of Voluntary Arts Week 2016. Download the Woollen Woods Toolkit here.

To let us know about your Woollen Woods plans, or if you have any questions, please get in touch at

Woollen Woods Resources

Woollen Woods logo strip – you can use this on publicity associated with your Woollen Woods i.e. posters, flyers and on your website/social media. Click on the link to open and then save to your computer as a JPEG.

Woollen Woods Tags – if your sending items in to be part of the Woollen Woods, be sure to attach one of these tags to your work. There’s room to add your name and a few lines on the reverse i.e. some details about what you have made or a little ditty for people to discover. Please laminate these tags before attaching to protect them from the elements.

*If you need these resources in another format or are having difficulty downloading to your computer, please get in touch on*